Lauren Martins

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Fashion and me is a long-time love-story: I first graduated from London College of Fashion attending the Fashion Business School. During my college years, I started my very own fashion blog, DressMeUp. With the latest trends in mind, I give outfits ideas for the upcoming season and personalized tips according to your body shape, the best addresses for shopping whatever your budget and highlight the best from the fashion weeks and events around the world. Just like my own clothing style, my blog focuses on a chic/sophisticated style, but I do like trying once in a while different outfits than those I’m used to.

After graduating, I worked for two years designing clothes for a well-known brand before dedicating myself fully to my blog. Now a full-time blogger, I attend most fashion weeks: (Milan and London being my all-time favorites!) An event that I never miss? I'd say Coachella! So many inspirations and unique outfits in one place for (only!) three days… My blog has been featured in lots of famous magazines, and I have also partnered with some clothing brands.